The range of dataroam SIM cards and devices has been created to meet the needs of global travellers, but we're ready and able to create bespoke solutions for many differing requirements. Whether you're part of a small business enterprise, a start-up or a large multi-national conglomerate we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Often, we're able to create and turnaround bespoke solutions for mobile data with the simplest of briefs and to very tight deadlines, delivering locally or internationally. We recognise your time is valuable and your budgets need careful management, so with potential savings on data roaming of up to 90% then it makes sense to give us a try.

In collaboration with our parent company Cellhire Ltd., we've worked tirelessly to provide a comprehensive range of data SIM cards and devices, offering low priced data rates and, in some cases, completely unlimited! Voice and text solutions are also available so why not put us to the test and get in touch for an initial ‘no obligations’ discussion.

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At dataroam we work across many different industries and sectors, each client having their own specific requirements. Whether it's simple voice and text plans, smartphone tariffs, satellite communication, GSM tracking, low use data bundles or heavy data consumption of 100GB + we have the ability to deliver solutions across multiple markets.

Global Events

Providing bespoke voice and data solutions for sporting teams, event organisers and attendees of international world class events.


Supporting travelling engineering staff and executives across the globe.

Marine & Yachting

On-board 3G and 4G data connections for individual craft and commercial fleets requiring 200GB+ per month. Supporting VSAT communications whilst in port, thereby reducing expenditure.

Sports Organisations

Equipping national sports teams, players and support staff for various global tournaments so they can operate cost effectively when attending events.

Travel & Leisure

Providing leading UK Travel brands with solutions for their employees that work abroad, enabling them to manage their communication budgets.


Data bundles helping to managing in-car telemetry across the major international race circuits throughout the global race calendar.


Supporting media attendees at major events ensuring real time reporting and relaying of news and updates globally.

Finance & Banking

Global executive travel managed within major banking and finance organisations.

Retail & Consumer

Helping procurement executives communicate and manage their staff travelling globally on international sourcing operations and in foreign subsidiaries.


Supporting major brands throughout the build-up, implementation and execution as sponsors of high profile global events.

Public Sector

Mobile health worker staff requiring data connections within the community to help coordinate services and deliver best practise across the country.

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