To be able to use a dataroam SIM card in your device it must be unlocked. You can check this by inserting a different network SIM card in place of the one you usually have into your device and attempting to use it as normal. If it functions as you expected then the device should be unlocked and should therefore accept any dataroam SIM card.

If you cannot access normal service or a message is displayed indicating ‘invalid SIM’ or ‘SIM restricted’ or similar then it is more than likely locked. To unlock a device either contact the original network provider or look for an independent mobile phone unlocking service. These can be found on-line via search engines and at smaller local independent mobile phone retailers.

Please also ensure that the dataroam SIM you select is appropriate for your requirements. Data SIMs usually will not support voice and text activity and specific SIMs may be required for use in a mobile device (e.g. Smartphone handset) or in a USB or Mifi device. If in any doubt please contact us prior to purchase to check suitability of any product for the device you intend to use.

Why dataroam?

Travel & Save

No overage or additional charges, bundles last 30 days.

Control your costs

Monitor live data usage and bundle validity from your account.

Global Coverage

Suitable for use in 59+ different countries, including the USA & Europe.